Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Benefits of Ordering Professional Wedding Invitations

We get it: planning your wedding can be rather stressful (completely understood). And with one mishap, it can feel as if you’re drowning to make everything go smoothly. One of the most essential details, that can sometimes feel the most demanding, are wedding invitations. From finding the perfect invitation style to handwriting (or printing and placing stickers on every envelope) each recipient's name, the process can be a bit grueling — but what about opting for professional invitations?

Relatively Cheap
Believe it or not, there are a series of incredible, professionally-printed invitations on the market. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or one that’s custom and intricate, there’s a wedding invitation company that will fulfill your vision in the most stress-free way possible! The best part? Put your investigative skills to the test and scour the internet for one of the many reliable companies that can provide what you’re looking for at a great rate!

Farewell, learning to do calligraphy just for your wedding invitations! When you opt to use a professional wedding invitation service, you can provide the company with a list of attendees (and their addresses) to be printed on envelopes! Then, once you receive your invitations at your home, the only thing you’ll have to do is place a stamp on them and bring them to the post office — that’s it!

Unique Invitations
Another perk about purchasing professional wedding invitations is that they will be unique to you and your future spouse! Many will offer the option to have your name printed on the invitation itself — and may even provide you with the opportunity to have a photo on there, too!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Do I Really Need to Have Flowers at My Wedding?

Regardless of the theme or color scheme, one detail that is present at many weddings happens to be flowers! And while fresh blooms are usually a “fan favorite” by most, there are some couples that would rather do without them. However, if you’re not sure whether or not you want to have them on your big day, here are some things to consider before calling your local florist:

Can be Expensive
If you’re looking to have the wedding of your dreams, then you’ll know that it will come at quite a cost. Sure, there are some details you can cut back on — but in the rush of it all, you might not be too sure what you can go without on your big day. Flowers, as it's known, can be rather expensive. Whether it’s a few bouquets or table centerpieces, a little goes a long way on your credit card statement. If you’re perfectly okay with not having flowers at your wedding, all in an effort to cut costs, then that would be the best bet (after all, it's your big day; you call the shots)!

Won’t Last Forever
Planning your wedding is stressful enough — but having to wonder if your flowers will hold up on the big day can add even more pressure. After all, since fresh blooms are a part of nature, there’s a chance they could wilt earlier than expected. And unless wilted flowers are your thing, then there’s no place for them at your wedding!

Might Not be in Season
Believe it or not, some flowers aren’t popular all year round — and it’s not by choice! For example, if you’re having a wedding in the middle of winter, it may be a tad difficult to come across sunflowers in bulk, locally. Although they can be shipped from a warmer state, there’s a chance that they might not have as many as you need — or the price could be a tad astronomical.

The Final Decision
When it comes to having flowers at your wedding, the choice is entirely up to you! If you opt not to have them, that’s perfectly fine — after all, it’s your big day! However, if you would like to have flowers, then there are a variety of other options to have them present — such as opting for faux flowers!

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Is it Better to Buy my Wedding Dress at a Store or Online?

One of the most essential details for a bride-to-be is finding the perfect gown. Whether they have a specific style in mind or designer, there are many different parts to the wedding gown equation that go into consideration — but what about where to purchase it? While many brides will buy their gown in person, some consider buying it online — but is that the better choice?

Not Possible to Try it On

Granted, you might know what your dress size is but some gowns either run too big or small, depending on who the designer is. And if you’re purchasing your wedding dress online, there’s a chance that it might not fit the way you’d like it to. Sure, you can get it altered, but if the dress arrives at the very last minute, it might not be ready by your big day.

Won’t be Able to Feel the Fabric

On your wedding day, you want to be as comfortable as possible — and if the dress is made from a scratchy material, then that can be an issue when you’re trying to dance and have fun all night long. Unlike purchasing your dress in a physical store, you might not know what it might feel like until you receive it in the mail. Another downside of purchasing your dress online? There's a chance it can be made of another material other than the one that's listed — and that's never a good thing (considering the initial cost of most wedding dresses).

Where Should I Purchase my Wedding Dress?

Drumroll, please: at the store! While this may have seemed like the better choice from the start, it’s always good to weigh out the possibilities of both options. When you’re looking to purchase a gown for your big day, it’s best to head on over to your local bridal boutique — and Village Bridal & Boutique of Babylon can lend a helping hand!

In Need of Beautiful Wedding Dress on the Big Day?

Stop by our Village Bridal & Boutique (attached to Dynasty Limousine) today! You’ll be amazed at the incredible gowns you can find, at wonderful prices!

For more information, please call (631) 587-2800! We can’t wait to see you soon and help plan for the big day!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

September 2019 Concerts on Long Island

Attention, friends: summer is still technically here — which means there are plenty of incredible concerts coming to a venue near you! Even if there’s a slight chill in the air on some days, you’ll still be rocking out as if the temperature is still in the high eighties and you’re still on vacation! Now, if you’re looking for the perfect show to attend, then sit back, relax, and feast your eyes (and ears) on these wonderful selections!

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

In the year 1964, one of the world’s most significant rock bands formed in London: The Who! Having been on the road since, the guys are back in New York and are better than ever! The group, composed initially of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon, is currently on their Symphonic Tour and will bring an incredible show to the beach! Songs that The Who has made famous over the years include “Pinball Wizard,” “My Generation,” “Baba O’Riley,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

ZZ Top / Cheap Trick » TICKETS
Date: Thursday, Septmeber 19, 2019
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

The famous, bearded 1969 Houston band and the 1973 Illinois band are joining each other on the road, playing a don’t-want-to-miss show at Jones Beach! Whether you’re a fan of one group over the other or both, this is a legendary concert that will be the perfect way to top off your summer concert series! Now, if you can’t recall what songs each band made famous, some of those hits include: “La Grange,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” and “Sharp Dressed Man,” by ZZ Top — and “I Want You to Want Me,” “Dream Police,” and “Surrender” by Cheap Trick!

Wynonna & The Big Noise » TICKETS
Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019
Time: 8pm
Location: The Paramount

Are you a fan of The Judds? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Wynonna is hitting the road with her band Wynonna & The Big Noise! The newly formed band released their first self-titled country album in February of 2016 and has been taking over the music industry ever since! Some of the band’s biggest hits include, but aren’t limited to: “Ain’t No Thing,” “Cool Ya’,” Things That I Lean On,” and so much more!

Need a Ride to the Show
Navigating through concert parking lots can be a pain — especially if people are tailgating. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, let Dynasty Limousine take care of your transportation needs! Contact us today at 631-587-8500!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Labor Day Weekend Events on Long Island 2019

Attention: Labor Day Weekend is upon us — but what do you have planned for the big holiday weekend? If you’re not hosting a party, going on vacation, or attending a friend’s barbecue, then you might be scrambling for some plans. Luckily, there are quite a few different events you can attend right in the comfort of your own backyard. Before trying to piece together a last-minute party, here are some great happenings to check out:

Dates + Times: Friday, August 30, 2019 at 6pm, Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 4pm, Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 4pm, and Monday, September 2, 2019 at 4pm

Location: Suffolk County Community College, Brentwood-Grant Campus, 1001 Crooked Hill Rd., Brentwood, NY 11717

The annual Feast of Mother Cabrini is back and better than ever! Known to be Long Island’s largest Italian feast, you’ll indeed have an incredible time! With a wonderful array of rides, entertainment, food, and more, there’s nothing better! If you'd like to attend this feast, just know that admission is  free (and so is the parking)! 

Date + Time: Sunday, September 1, 2019, 7-9pm

Location: Brecknock Hall, 1 Brecknock Road, Greenport, NY 11944

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer? The search is over, thanks to the End of Summer Celebration at Peconic Landing! Being the eighth year in a row that they’ve had this fantastic event, you and your loved ones can enjoy a fantastic evening of music and fireworks! Admission for this event is free, but spots do fill up quickly — so it’s best to plan and arrive early!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Pros and Cons of Hosting a Beach Wedding

For many future newlyweds on Long Island, a beach wedding is a dream come true! What more could you want other than surf, sand, sunshine, and your loved ones all together at once? While the beach dream might be an excellent idea, there are also some downsides to a nautical wedding, too. If you’re not sure whether or not you’d like to tie the knot by the sea, here are some things to consider:

Pro: Picture Perfect “Venue”
One of the biggest perks of a beach wedding, especially if you’re a fan of the water, is that your wedding will be picture perfect (if the weather holds up, but we’ll get to that shortly)! Think about it, instead of walking down a marble floor to meet your love and wedding officiator at the end of the aisle, you’ll be walking down an aisle of warm sand and seashells!

Con: Weather Might Not Be Great
Since you typically have to plan a wedding far in advance, you never know what Mother Nature will have in store for you that day. Even if your big day happens to be over the summer, there’s a strong chance that a thunderstorm might roll in when you least expect it. And if you’ve ever caught at the beach during a shower, then you know it’s quite an uncomfortable experience (imagine how you’ll feel in a gown or tuxedo)! 

Pro: Attire Can Be Laid Back
Although it’s your wedding day and there aren’t any official rules, it might seem strange to walk down the aisle of your local indoor wedding venue sans shoes. However, when you have a beach wedding, nothing is off limits! Whether you’re looking to go barefoot or wear a beach-friendly dress or tuxedo, the beach will be the perfect place to do it!

Con: Not Much Shade
Say the weather on the day of your wedding is stunning, but the sun is powerful — where will you find shade? Unless you’re opting to have a tent set up by a rental company or purchase umbrellas for every attendee at your wedding, it might seem challenging to do. An extremely blaring sun can cause discomfort and even sunburns if your guests aren’t prepared for the sun’s rays.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Not Sure Where to Eat in NYC? Check Out These Spots!

Oh, it’s true: there’s nothing better than New York City! From the fabulous sights to the incredible delicacies that cannot be found anywhere else, Manhattan is genuinely one of the greatest cities in the entire world! If you happen to find yourself on an empty stomach during your next trip to the “Big Apple” but aren’t sure where to dine, here are a few spots to check out and satisfy your appetite!

Address: 70 West 68th Street, New York, New York 10023

One of the best, newer spots for Italian food in Manhattan happens to be Joanne Trattoria of West 68th Street! Now, if you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, you may have heard about this restaurant before: it’s owned and operated by her father, Joe Germanotta, and was named after her aunt/his sister, the late Joanne Germanotta. 

With an incredible array of classic specials (chicken parmesan, lemon artichoke chicken, chicken milanese, and more) and some Germanotta family recipes (Papa G’s Chicken, Joanne’s Spaghetti & Meatballs, Joanne’s Seafood Mac & Cheese, and more), you’ll want to dine here every time you’re in the city!

Address: 1 East 55th St., Midtown East, New York, New York 10022

If you’re a fan of the designer Ralph Lauren, then you’ll love his restaurant Polo Bar. Upon stepping into the entrance of this dining hotspot, you’ll instantly be engulfed by the elegance and style of Ralph Lauren and the polo empire. With a menu that hosts some of Lauren’s favorite dishes (i.e., Ralph’s Corned Beef Sandwich, lobster roll, dover sole, and grilled branzino, to name a few), it’s genuinely the perfect menu for any culinary palate! 

An added bonus? If you’re a dessert enthusiast, then this is the spot for you! One of the most talked-about sweet dishes on the menu is Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream — which is made from a unique blend of a custom coffee created by the world-renowned designer! Just one quick pro tip before you run to this restaurant: it’s highly essential to have a reservation!

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