Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Limo Bus For Your Party? It Is All The Craze!


When associating yourself with a bus, the first thoughts that come to mind are public transit, buses that will drive you across the city, region or country for a trip, be it business or leisure or for a wedding. A wedding you say? Yes, a wedding, as in a limo bus.
Limousine buses, or limo buses as they are commonly referred to are becoming a great trend in the wedding planning industry, and is becoming the main choice of limousines for wedding parties, baptisms, and even corporate functions are calling on the use of a limo bus. But why has a limo bus becoming so popular when deciding on a limousine for a wedding party you might ask? Well for starters, a limo bus is very practical when it comes to dealing with large groups of people. Where a traditional limousine can support upto 15 guests at one time a limo bus can seat 40! Buses are used commonly for transporting the wedding party from venue to venue throughout the wedding day for a bride or groom celebrating their Toronto, Ontario wedding in southern Ontario.
However, the difference between a standard bus and a limo bus is the luxury! A limo bus is combining the best of both worlds in transportation. A limo bus can accommodate up to 40 guests, however, a limo bus has all the amenities of a limousine, the drinks, the seating, the entertainment and the posh upscale ambience that it provides you and your family, friends who are all apart of the wedding party that much more spectacular. Limo buses also offer a more glamorous look to a wedding event than a standard bus, both inside and outside.
Limo buses are not just for weddings though. Limo buses are also for corporate events, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, prom nights and simply grabbing a bunch of friends and hitting the town! Bachelorette and bachelor parties are also common for limo buses because a limo bus acts as two-parts. It has the luxury of holding up to 40 people but is a fancier upgrade to a traditional bus. Corporate functions have really taken the practicality of the limo bus and have really incorporated it into their travel plans. At one time, companies will send several of their employees on road trips and what will end up happening is they will accommodate them with a limo bus to adhere to all the demands that a road trip offers.
However, a limo bus suits any wedding party best. Limo buses play the role for everyone and everything involved. It has the capabilities of offering multiple guests the luxury of enjoying the limousine environment without the humdrum of a standard bus. This has an adverse effect not only on the guests, but it makes the whole ambience of the wedding party one that is trendy, classy and sexy all at the same time. So the next time you are thinking of how you can get all of your guests to be taken from venue to venue, consider a limo bus, it holds upto 40 people and the ride is first-class all the way!

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Limousine Rentals Let You Travel in Style


It used to be that limousine rentals were mainly for those celebrating their wedding day. The bride and the groom along with their wedding party would ride to the church and the reception in style. In most cases, a stretch white limousine was reserved for the day.
Limousine rentals aren't just for those heading down the aisle any longer. People are choosing to rent a special set of wheels for everything from graduation day to a birthday. With the low cost of limousine rentals you can ride in style regardless of the occasion.
One popular choice for limousine rentals is in a place that you may not have considered before. Have you ever arrived at an airport in an unfamiliar city only to search endlessly for the taxi stand? Once you do find it you may be facing a long wait while other visitors who arrived first, get the first chance at the available cabs.
Instead of struggling to find a cab to take you to your hotel, you can opt to call up one of the local limousine rental companies. These companies are generally about the same cost of a cab ride and they offer you a choice in the type of car you want to be picked up in. A four door sedan may not be as flashy as a black limousine, but it might be a bit less expensive, which will make it very attractive to the budget traveler.
A really fun idea that many people are choosing is limousine rentals to take them to a local nightspot or concert. We live in an age where everyone is aware of how dangerous it is to drink and drive. If you are heading out one evening with a group of friends, instead of arranging for a designated driver, think about a limousine rental. With everyone chipping in, the cost will remain low and you'll also be able to enjoy the fun of arriving at your destination in a limousine. You also won't have to worry about how you'll get home, if you arrange beforehand for your driver to pick you up at a certain time.
Regardless of why you choose limousine rentals, one thing is clear. A limousine speaks of class and sophistication. With many limousine rental companies offering discounted rates and specials for repeat customers, you can go from point A to point B in a stylish set of wheels without breaking the bank.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Questions to Ask a Limousine Service for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the single best day, of your life! It is a day full of celebration and joy, and it's also a day that can cause you a lot of unwanted stress. That is why it is important to find the right limo service company for your special occasion.
When considering a wedding limo service there are some general rules of thumb to follow. You should always review different limo service providers with a search engine and look for companies that can provide a lot of articles and information about their wedding limo services. Then it's also a best practice to directly call up the company you are interested in and ask them a lot of questions that might relate to your wedding day.
Here are some Questions you should ask a limousine company about your wedding day:
  • How many passengers can fit in your limousine?
  • What limousine cars will be available on my wedding day?
  • Who are your Chauffeurs and are they professional?
  • Are your cars fully insured and is there anything wrong with the vehicle we should know about?
  • Does the price include gratitude and tips?
  • How much will the total cost be for our wedding day and other events?
  • What are your refund and cancellation policies? Do you require a deposit?

By asking such questions and being able to get answers back from a reputable limousine company, you can find the confidence to be able to choose which wedding limousine company is right for your wedding day!

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Limousines - Proper Etiquette for the Ride

There is nothing quite like riding in limousines. For many, they may only get one or two times to do it in a lifetime. Others may find themselves in one every day. Whatever the case, there is a right way and a wrong way to act in someone else's luxury automobile, regardless of the circumstances. Learning the difference between the two can not only save you from embarrassment, it could prevent you being charged with extra fees should you be the one with your name on the contract. Here is a crash course in proper etiquette.
First of all, know your schedule and don't keep your driver and guests waiting. This should go without saying, but people have a tendency to get very lax with their scheduling when it comes to big events. Big events often go hand in hand with limousines, so it's easy to see how people could be confused. Remember that whoever paid for the ride is going to be charged the same amount whether there are people in the car or not, so you are paying for nothing if you are keeping the driver waiting.
Another tip to remember is to keep the guest list down. You'll have to tell the company how many guests you are expecting when you make arrangements for your car. Don't let that list get out of hand after you've made those arrangements. Limousines are big cars and they can carry a lot of people. But the company isn't going to set you up with their biggest ride if you tell them there's only going to be five people riding. So what happens when you show up with ten people? Everyone is going to have to pack on top of one another, and that's if the driver even allows it to begin with.
Finally, be respectful to the driver and to the car itself. You will be charged quickly and efficiently for any damage you bring to the vehicle, but that's almost beside the point. Wild nights can get out of hand, but there's no excuse for damaging other people's property with your antics. If you have a friend who is getting that far out of hand, perhaps you should arrange for them to find alternative transportation. Treat the driver as you would a good waiter. Better, even, as he has your entire night in his hands. Follow the usual tenets of good behavior and common manners and you'll do just fine on your ride.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Benefits of Using a Chauffeur Service

You may have never used a chauffeur service because the idea of being driven around by a tuxedo-laden man or woman seems expensive or too excessive for the event you have planned. This perception is wrong. There are chauffeur services that will offer you a price you might be surprised with. Going on a night out? Why not arrive in style and add a touch of class that'll get the whole club asking who you might be to have such luxury commodities as a driven car.
Maybe you're the business type who has enough to deal without driving around, finding a parking spot and arriving on time for an important meeting. A chauffeur will arrive on time and in professional attire that reflects your business. Whether you have 1 or 10 business meetings to attend, a chauffeur will get you there on time and will even wait for you until you are ready to move to your next destination. A chauffeur will reduce the stress of a hectic business day dramatically leaving you free to do what you do best.
Maybe you just want to take the family on a day out. Even driving to attractions like the Zoo, the theatre and theme parks can prove to be stressful and tiring. Why not share the back seat for once with the kids and enjoy the whole day together without worrying about driving and parking.
A chauffeur is the perfect match for any bride. The bride, groom and party already have a lot to do on their big day. A chauffeur will always arrive on time and be there at the drop of a hat if the time calls for it.
No longer should you rely on a taxi when the luxury of a chauffeur is affordable to everyone on any budget. You will be able to arrive on time, in style and stress free knowing your transportation has been professionally dealt with.
Who hasn't experienced the big airport rush? A short time lost waiting for that taxi to show up to take you to the airport can change everything. Save yourself the stress of the airport journey and maybe even the worry of missing your flight by simply swapping the taxi for a chauffeur service. Not only does a chauffeur company provide comfort, style and a good impression, but the practical reasons why you should use their services is worth considering.

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Simple Guide to Limo Etiquette

Limousine service is considered to be a first class thing. Riding a limo will make anyone feel like a celebrity. However, if you feel like a celeb, don't start acting like one. Celebrities tend to act crazy on their night outs.
The difference is that if they get away with that type of behaviour, it does not mean you will. Please follow these simple rules of limousine etiquette and you will have a blast by staying classy and safe.
Safety should be the priority. The first thing to take care of is the safety. The limousine should never be overcrowded. Your limo provider will not allow more passengers into the limousine than the law allows. that is why you should always book a bigger limo. With more space you will be more comfortable and if some more friends show up they will have space to fit in.
Remember the manners. Do not act disrespectful to the limousine and to the driver. Remember, the limousine you are in is an expensive vehicle. Your limousine company paid a high price for you to be able to use it. Respect their property and enjoy it. Feel free to use the amenities it provides: the CD, DVD players, light shows, complimentary bars, and water. Check with your driver if smoking is allowed.
Enjoy the service. Let the driver do his/her job. When you rent a limousine, it is not all about the car. It is about the service too. So sit back and relax while your driver takes care of you. It is a good idea to remain seated until the car is parked safely. Do not jump out of the car or open the door yourself. After the limo is parked, let the driver open the door for you. This way you will experience what a limo ride truly means.
Do not forget to tip your driver. After you had fun and enjoyed your ride, remember the gratuity. It is common to tip between 15% to 20% of the total amount to the driver. You can tip on the credit card or in cash. If you really want to follow manners, you should put the cash in an envelope and hand it to the driver after the service is over.
These simple etiquette rules will help you not only stay safe, but act like true royalty. You can use them while cruising on a boat, flying on a plane or even a shuttle service. It never hurt anyone to stay classy and polite. So book your trip and enjoy the ride!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Benefits Of Hiring A Limousine For Your Next Special Event

by Adriana A Noton

A limousine can save you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to planning an event. When you use one, you know you will have a reliable form of transportation. It will also be comfortable and enhance the journey. All of these reasons make a limousine the ideal choice for several different types of events.
The most obvious event for which limousines are usually rented is weddings. Wedding participants are often totally overwhelmed with excitement about the day. Some will have seen other weddings where rented cars were used and will want the same experience for themselves. People sometimes drink a little bit of alcohol before or after the ceremony and will not feel safe driving.
A rented luxury vehicle is also a popular choice for women only parties before a bride gets married. The advantages are similar those of renting a car on the same day as the ceremony. Ladies like to relax and have fun at those sorts of parties. They may not want to have to worry about driving. If they plan to drink liquor beverages, they might not like the idea of driving themselves around.
The other segment of the population with whom rented luxury automobiles are popular is high school students. The reasons why have to do with the age of the students. Kids who are under sixteen cannot legally drive. Teenagers who can drive often want their prom or homecoming nights to be special. A good way to take care of kids who do not drive or who want a good experience is to rent a car.
Companies who rent out limousines recognize that their clients want a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, they spend a lot of time and effort to make sure their cars meet the expectations of their customers. Almost every company now offers cars with plush interiors complete with rainbow lighting effects and leather seats. Many cars come with accommodations for beverages and built in television sets.
Acknowledging that they may have diverse passengers, most rented car drivers are gentlemen. They open doors, assist passengers into and out of the vehicle and are very courteous. Drivers who are accustomed to transporting excited teenagers know what to expect from their young passengers. They are very careful about their safety and often speak to concerned parents before they leave their homes.
For those who are worried about what a rented vehicle will cost, this fear is often allayed by the benefits of having one. Spending a several hundred dollars for a night out might sound a bit extravagant. This expense is minimal compared to the potential dangers of not having one. If you, your companions or your children will not be able to safely drive to a special event, a rented luxury vehicle can literally be a lifesaver.
Renting a limousine may seem like an unnecessary expense. It can be a lifesaver. If you or people you care about might be unable to drive to or from a special event, a rented car can be ideal. They are plush and very comfortable with lots of amenities on the inside. The companies provide very accommodating drivers who are extremely courteous to their guests. A rented luxury car can be the best option for a perfect day or night out.
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What Limo Size to Choose for Your Party

by William G. Johnson
One of the most essential things when booking a limousine service is the size of the limousine. There are many different sized limousines in limo industry, and the top limo providers should have a lot to choose from. Your party size and needs play important role when booking a limousine. Also, it is a good idea to contact your local limousine provider to ask them what car is the best for your party.
Your local limo service provider can easily help you to make the decision. Before you call, thought, it is a good idea to prepare the essential answers to the questions: How many people do you have in a party? How long will you need a car for? Are you going to need extra space for other items? and etc.
The number or passengers is the most essential fact. It is follower by the duration of the trip. If it is a short trip of 25 minutes, it is OK to have 10 passengers in a 10 passenger limousine. However, if you trip is of 5 hours, eventually it might get crowded and uncomfortable. Also, occasions and items play a big role. If you are having a wedding with big wedding dress and not lesser bridesmaids dresses, you will definitely need to count that too.
Regular Lincoln limousines hold anywhere between 6 to 12 passengers. However, if you need a bigger option, consider stretch SUVs and party buses. Stretch SUV should accommodate anywhere between 12 to 20 passengers. While the party buses are designed for groups of 20 and over. The advantage or renting a party bus is huge: You will not only accommodate big group comfortably, but also will have enough space to stand up and dance!
Plan ahead. If you rent a limousine for you special event you will not be disappointed. Instead of hiring cabs you can nicely fit everyone into one vehicle and have your friends stay in one group. Most of the time, it is even a less expensive option! Instead of several taxi cabs you will need only one stretch limousine and you will probably pay less if you order in advance!
Whether you need a big party bus or just a regular Town Car, your local limo service provider should be able accommodate your needs. Call around to check limo sizes, different options and deals on your favorite limousines. Choose carefully and you will definitely enjoy your time in an elegant, sleek limousine.

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