Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2019 Travel Resolutions

When thinking about creating a New Year’s resolution, what comes to mind first? For most, it might be to get back into the gym or to find a new job — but what about looking to travel more? If you’re not sure where to start when crafting this resolution, then here are a few suggestions:

Go Somewhere New

Granted, that’s the sole purpose of traveling — but some individuals grow a tad comfortable with visiting the same location year after year. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but a great resolution would be to scout out a new location to visit. Whether it’s out of the country of picking a random state on the map, 2019 would be a great year to explore new horizons — and who knows, that new location might be your new go-to spot!

Purchase New Luggage

Have your travel bags seen better days? If that’s the case, then another great resolution is to purchase a new set of luggage in 2019! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful selection of checked and carry-on bags that you can purchase. One of the best details? Many stores now offer monograms on luggage, which is a great, personal touch to your new purchases! No matter what type of baggage you purchase, you’ll be happy with a new set, for sure!

Plan a Road Trip

Did you ever want to venture out onto the open road? Well, 2019 would be the perfect time to do so! Whether you plan on going by yourself or with a few friends, a road trip is always a great idea to have in store! In fact, if you have the luxury of taking a few weeks off from your job, then you can even attempt to travel cross-country — which is the ultimate dream for many!

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