Friday, August 10, 2018

Places to Shop on Long Island 2018

One of the best forms of unofficial cardio is shopping! From going to the mall to the local boutique down the street, there are many places to carry out this “hobby” on Long Island. Whether you’re looking to buy a new blender or a designer handbag, here are a few of the many shopping hot spots on the Island:

Americana Manhasset
Address: 2060 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030

Known as the most luxurious shopping experience on Long Island, Americana Manhasset brings the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills to your backyard! From Chanel and Herm├Ęs to Louis Vuitton and Gucci, the possibilities are entirely endless when it comes to finding luxury goods at your fingertips.

One of the most unique shopping experiences at “Americana” is at Hirshleifers, which is one of the most well-known independent department stores in the world. Known to have a variety of micro-stores such as Yves Saint Laurent and pop-up events such as a Hoorsenbuhs jewelry event, it’s indeed a one-of-a-kind deal that you won’t find anywhere else!

Walt Whitman Mall
Address: 160 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington Station, NY 11746

Looking for a shopping mall with historical roots? Look no further than Walt Whitman Mall of Huntington Station! Home to department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor, this mall indeed has it all — especially for those who live in Suffolk that don’t want to trek to Roosevelt in Garden City.

In recent years, Walt Whitman added an incredible array of shops such as Lush Cosmetics, Build-a-Bear Workshop, and more, giving shoppers an astonishing variety of options when it comes to the ultimate shopping experience. What happens when you’re hungry? Well, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and eateries to check out such as California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, BRIO Tuscan Grille, Milito’s Restaurant and so much more!

Tanger Outlets of Riverhead
Address: 200 Tanger Mall Dr, Riverhead, NY 11901

What’s better than shopping at some of your favorite stores? Getting a discount at those stores! That’s right: one of the best places to score some great deals is at Tanger Outlets of Riverhead! Located right off of the 495, Tanger of Riverhead hosts two shopping quadrants which host an incredible array of stores such as Michael Kors, Yankee Candle, American Eagle and so much more!

If you happen to get hungry while strolling around, then there’s a food court, a Starbucks and various restaurants/eateries on the outskirts of the shopping center. No matter what side of Tanger you start on, you’ll be sure to have an incredible shopping experience for sure!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Best Museums to Check out on Long Island

Looking to spend the day amongst beautiful pieces of art or learn the history of your town? When it comes to Long Island, there are an array of incredible museums that any individual, at any age, can enjoy and admire. If you’re looking to change up your plans, then here are some phenomenal spots to check out:

The Long Island Museum
Address: 1200 NY-25A, Stony Brook, NY 11790

When it comes to learning about Long Island’s history, there’s no better location than The Long Island Museum. This historical hotspot is home to the biggest selection of American history, famous works of art, and of course: carriages. Believe it or not, The Long Island Museum is home to the most extensive collection of horse-drawn carriages around — and it’s indeed a sight to see.

The Long Island Children’s Museum
Address: 11 Davis Ave. Garden City, NY 11530

In search of the most excellent place to bring your little ones for some fun? Look no further than the Long Island Children’s Museum of Garden City! Located down the road from Nassau Community College and Nassau Coliseum, this staple of Long Island culture is a beautiful place to bring your kids to learn, play and spend the whole day!

It’s entertaining for the whole family and will be a great place for laughs and photo-ops! Your child will definitely love this incredible spot with an astonishing array of interactive exhibits such as building, playing with bubbles, climbing and more!

Cradle of Aviation Museum
Address: Charles Lindbergh Blvd. Garden City, NY 11530

Located down the block from the Long Island Children’s Museum stands the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Known to be the source of all Long Island-based Grumman and Nasa history, this spot will be the perfect place to see how Long Island became the leader in aviation and space technology. In addition to transportation, this museum also hosts an IMAX theater, fun events such as the Chocolate Expo and more. It’s indeed a sight to see and be amazed!

Vanderbilt Museum
Address: 180 Little Neck Rd, Centerport, NY 11721

Known to be a staple of Centerport is the Vanderbilt Museum, mansion, and planetarium. This home, formerly owned by William K. Vanderbilt II, hosts the biggest collection of marine specimens and natural history on Long Island. To dive further into the past (pun intended), you can roam around the museum, see these incredible collections of Mr. Vanderbilt, visit the planetarium and walk the museum grounds to explore the beauty of nature!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What to Pack Before Driving Back to College

Parents, it’s that time of year again: sending your child back to college! Whether this is your child’s first year going away to school or in their senior year, there is an array of essentials that they must bring to feel more at home. If you’re not sure what to pack or what to buy, then here are some helpful tips to know:

Laundry Essentials
Believe it or not, it’s rather simple to forget the most essential of necessities. One of those being materials to help out with the laundry. From the laundry basket to the detergent to get them started, no corner should be overlooked when it comes to this pure necessity. If you’re looking to make the most out of this, then you can simply pack dryer sheets plus some other laundry essentials, such as clothes hangers.

Bedding Supplies
Sure, this might be the first thing that many college-bound students might think of first — but sometimes it’s simple to overlook the most essential details of bedding. Not sure that you’ll remember to bring everything with you? Here are a few essentials to keep in mind:

  • Pillowcases
  • Fitted sheet
  • Top sheet
  • Comforter
  • Extra pillows

Although these are the most important essentials, you can even take it up a notch and get a foam mattress topper — since let’s face it: most dorm mattresses are usually springs and can be uncomfortable.

Comfort Essentials
One of the best ways to make any dorm feel like home is to bring along some comfort essentials. This can range anywhere from picture frames with photos of friends and family, to some led string lights. No matter what your child decides on, the options are entirely endless. Before you start decorating the dorm, you want to make sure you know what the rules are — since sometimes dorms don’t permit anything to be hung from the ceiling or on the wall.

Looking for the most overlooked feature in any dorm room? Chargers for electronic devices. From the cell phone charger to the laptop cable, there are a series of essential wires that your child should bring to college. Of course, if you’re afraid that they might lose them, then it’s necessary to visit your local electronics store and purchase a spare pair for their dorm room. This will help your child feel prepared and ready the next time they need to use their laptop or phone!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

August 2018 Concerts on Long Island

Oh, August: you have officially arrived — and we’re here to welcome you with open arms (and ears)! If you’re looking for some great entertainment on the Island this month, then you’re in luck. From Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater to The Paramount of Huntington, check out these great shows coming to a town near you:

Jimmy Buffett » TICKETS
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2018
Location: Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
Time: 8pm

Looking for to have the ultimate staycation right here on Long Island? Look no further than Jimmy Buffett’s annual summer show at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater. Fins up, parrot heads — this is definitely the time to show off your love of all things tropical, and of course: Jimmy Buffett.

From the iconic tailgate party in the parking lot to the classic tunes of “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Margaritaville,” and more, you’ll definitely have an incredible time celebrating the summer with Mr. Buffett himself!

Chicago + REO Speedwagon » TICKETS
Date: Friday, August 3, 2018
Location: Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
Time: 7pm

It’s the summer moment you’ve been waiting for: singing along with your favorite bands! That’s right: Chicago and REO Speedwagon are hitting the road — and of course, they’re making a stop at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater! Known to have a series of timeless hits collectively, this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

From Chicago’s hits such as “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” “You’re the Inspiration,” “If You Leave Me Now,” and more — you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia singing along to these hits! Let’s not forget about REO Speedwagon’s greatest hits, too, such as “Can’t Fight this Feeling,” “Keep on Loving You,” and so much more — you definitely don’t want to miss this show!

American Idol: Live! 2018 » TICKETS
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2018
Location: The Space at Westbury
Time: 7pm

Do you have what it takes to be the next American Idol? No need to prepare your audition song, since you’ll get to see the latest season’s Top 7 finalists perform some of their favorite songs right before your eyes!

If you’re a fan of this show, then you’ll definitely love this line-up — which includes: Michael J. Woodard, Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner, Maddie Poppe, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Catie Turner, and Jurnee — with special guest performer Kris Allen, from Season 8! It’s definitely a must-see show for fans new and old of this timeless staple in popular culture! Who knows: you might even feel the need to audition for the upcoming season, after attending!

Smokey Robinson » TICKETS
Date: Friday, August 24, 2018
Location: NYCB Theatre at Westbury
Time: 8pm

One of the most timeless singers on the face of the earth will be performing in Westbury this month! That’s right: Mr. Smokey Robinson is set to put on a phenomenal show at the famed NYCB Theatre (formerly the Westbury Music Fair).

If you’re looking to dance and sing to classics such as “Crusin’,” “Just to See Her,” “The Tears of a Clown,” and more — then this will definitely be the show to attend! You’ll be amazed at how incredible this legendary performer can take over a stage at 78 years old! There’s nothing better than a Smokey Robinson show, for sure!

Navigating through concert parking lots can be a pain — especially if people are tailgating. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, let Dynasty Limousine take care of your transportation needs! Contact us today 631-587-8500!

Monday, July 30, 2018

What to do if Your Car Breaks Down

Fact: sometimes a perfectly good vehicle can break down at the most random of times. Whether you have a 2018 Jeep or a 1992 Honda Accord, it’s possible that your means of transportation can give out. If you never had a vehicle breakdown, then here are some tips to keep in mind if it does, in fact, happen:

Remain Calm

One of the worst things anyone could do is panic. Whether your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road or it breaks down in the middle of the road, remain calm.

Clearly, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your vehicle from breaking down — but by taking precaution and preventive measures (i.e., oil changes, tire checks). Understand that it happens to the best of us.

Play it Safe

Before inspecting your vehicle from all angles, it best to always play it safe. For example, if you pull your car over to the side of the road, do not get out and inspect the side that’s facing the road.

There have been incidents where another vehicle swerved out of control, unfortunately slamming into the one that is pulled over. Just keep in mind: stay inside your vehicle until roadside assistance is there to help.

Know your Numbers

In the day and age of smartphone technology, drivers luck out when it comes to finding the nearest gas station, auto body shop or roadside assistance vehicle. Although you can always rely on a search engine (via your phone), it’s best to know your options for roadside assistance.

Before you dial any old number, it’s best to check what your insurance company provides to you. Some companies have a free roadside assistance program that will help you out in your time of vehicular need.

If your insurance company doesn’t offer that, then it’s best to weigh out your options and research well-known roadside companies who can help!

Carry Necessities 

Although the chances of your car breaking down in the desert are limited on Long Island, it’s always best to pack your vehicle with necessities.

Some of the most important are bottles of water, a first-aid kit, a blanket, a pillow and any other odds and ends that would help if your vehicle breaks down. It’s always best to be prepared (and ahead of the game) then have nothing at all.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Prevent Car Sickness 101

Picture this: you’re on the open road, ready to start your vacation — and suddenly you feel sick to your stomach. No, you’re not coming down with the stomach virus, but rather car sickness. Nine out of ten travelers know how they hold up when it comes to motion induced car troubles. If you’re one of them, then here are some tips to follow:

Don’t Read

One of the easiest ways to get car sickness is when you read in a moving vehicle. Whether you’re reading a book or looking at a text message, just looking down, in general, will make you feel sick.

If you know you’re prone to this, then it’s best not to read or look at your phone. If there’s an urgent text message to look at, then you can either have another non-driving passenger read it or have a digital assistant (i.e., Siri) read it for you. This will be a much better alternative than you getting sick!

Reject Laying Down

Another way passengers are prone to get motion sickness is if they lay down or rest their head. Just like reading a book or phone, this is a surefire way to feel sick right away — regardless of how tired you are. If you feel the need to lay down, then it’s best to recline your chair.

If the chair isn’t able to recline, then it’s best to try and rest your eyes sitting upwards. This will not only help you stay afloat, but it will limit the possibility of growing a weak stomach while on your vacation voyage!

Sit Forward

Although this is a rarity for some vehicles, nowadays, it’s best always to face the direction that you’re traveling in. Granted, sometimes you might not have the option to do so — but when you do, always aim to go forward.

This is beneficial for those that get a headache or weak stomach since it will align your vision with what’s in front of you — leaving less room for you to get disoriented and sick.

Get Some Air

Feeling sick right away? Regardless of the season, it’s best to always have a source of cool, fresh air. Whether you blast the AC or open the windows in the vehicle, this will be a surefire way of getting out of your motion sickness.

Once you have an air source, you’ll then feel the noticeable difference and will feel as if your motion sickness is a subject of the past!

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

What to Bring on a Road Trip

Ah, yes: road trips! One of the best times to hit the open road is during the summer! From a family vacation to Florida to going cross-country with some friends, no destination in the United States is too far when you’re driving there! If you’re looking to take a trip sometime soon, then here are some essentials to keep with you:


The essential item (or items) to have with you are snacks! Whether it be a few bags of potato chips or a basket full of candy, nothing is off limits when it comes to snacks! Of course, if you’re looking to make some longer voyages throughout the day, then it would be best to bring a cooler to store some meals, such as sandwiches!


Another essential item to bring with you is some water. Granted, you may have a water bottle with you already — but soon that will run out, and you might not be near a gas station.

The best solution is to buy a large number of water bottles and place them in a cooler with some ice. This will not only keep you hydrated throughout the voyage, but it will indeed be helpful when you need to quench your thirst!

First-Aid Kit

Afraid you might get a cut from a roadside stop? You’ll feel much better when you bring a first-aid kit with you! If you don’t have one of your own, then you can certainly make one on a budget!

First, you’ll want to get a zippered pouch, that is preferably waterproof. From there, visit your local pharmacy or dollar store, and pick up some band-aids, antibiotic ointment, headache medication and whatever else you deem will be necessary. Once that’s complete, you’ll be good to go!

Blankets and Pillows

Have some guests traveling with you in the back seat? If that’s the case, then it would be best to bring some blankets and pillows with you!

Of course, you don’t want these items to be too bulky — since they’ll take up too much room — but you can get a few thin throw blankets and some pillows to keep everyone comfortable!

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