Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#Promposal2015: Don't Forget Your Limo

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Promposals are happening left and right and, before you know it, warm weather and prom dresses will be filling the air. Your teen might be anxious to add a stylish limo ride to their big night but we know you're also concerned about safety.

At Dynasty Limo we offer a full suite of modern and stylish vehicles, Escalades and party buses included, alongside years of experience in Long Island Prom Limousine Service. You can trust our professional drivers to get your teen and their friends to the destination on time and safely.

Before you give us a call at 631.587.8500 be sure to collect and confirm all of the following information:
  • What is the exact date of the prom?
  • How many hours will the limo be needed for?
  • How many people are riding?
Keep in mind that booking in advance will ensure you claim a car before other prom-goers in the area. Large parties will also play less per person since you are splitting the overall rental price. 

You're all set! Your teens will be riding to prom in style and you, as a parent, will be satisfied to know they are getting their safely. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Must Dine Restaurants for NYC Restaurant Week 2015

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NYC Transportation
NYC Restaurant Week
NYC’s Restauarant week is well underway having kicked off this past Monday, February 16th and running through Friday, March 6th. With three course dining deals at more than 300 restaurants for lunch and dinner, newcomers and fine-dining aficionados alike are able to try out new spots and revisit old favorites serving cheap eats.

So where to start? TimeOut New York provides some must try restaurants in the city - and for $25 lunches and $38 dinners why not check a few off this list:

All’onda - A Japanese inflected Venetian spot - for lunch try one of the creative Italian plates like a Parmesan and porchetta ramen and for dinner the famed smoke uni bucatini.

Little Park - This New American spot in Tribeca will be offering weekday specials like  Long Island fluke, grass-fed hanger steak, and lobster with Meyer-lemon aioli.

Fung Tu - The 21st century Chinese spot is serving dishes like brisket and brussels sprouts friend rice and Chinese spaetzle with Szechuan pork sauce for dinner Mondays through Fridays.

Tavern on the Green - The Central Park icon recently got a new chef - Jeremiah Tower - who will be showing off his cooking during restaurant week offering weekday lunches and dinners. Dishes include crimini mushroom soup with spiced crab profiteroles and roasted half chicken with potato mushroom gratin.

Root & Bone - Looking for some Southern-comfort style dishes? Well along with their outstanding fried chicken, you can find options like “drunken” deviled eggs, chicken n dumplings, and shrimp and grits.

Now that we have your mouth watering, reserve your tables and let Dynasty Limo handle your transportation. Why not make a day out of it? Head in for lunch with one of our luxury vehicles that will then tour you around the city and bring you to your dinner reservation that evening. Contact us today for more information and to view our availability.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

#TravelThursday - Best Beaches for 2015

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Image: Flickr, Roberto Faccenda
A warm beach, any beach at this point, sounds pretty good right now doesn't it? We're right there with you. So for this week's Travel Thursday, we're going to ignore the biting temps outdoors and focus our thoughts on something a bit more pleasant - here are some of the best rated beaches, according to travelers
Baia do Sancho - Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
This beach is on the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha and is ranked as the number one beach in the world for 2015. Whether you visit in July or January, the stunning views and incredible snorkeling experiences are a plenty.

Playa Paraiso - Cayo Largo, Cuba
The U.S. embargo against Cuba has banned tourism for decades, giving this gem an added intrigue of a destination long forbidden. Yet as the U.S. moves to warm up the relationship between countries, Cuba is rapidly growing in popularity for Americans.

Siesta Beach - Siesta Key, Florida
Famous for its pure white quartz sand, this chilled-out Sarasota County getaway is ranked the number one beach in the US for 2015.

Wai’anapanapa State Park - Maui, Hawaii
The Road to Hana can scare off some tourists (consider 600 hairpin turns, 54 one-lane bridges, and countless blind curves along seaside cliffs), but if you make the drive you’ll be rewarded with this beach of black volcanic sand, hiking trails, lava rocks, and freshwater caves.

No matter where your 2015 travel plans take you, Dynasty Limousine will be there to handle your transportation needs. We offer competitive rates for Airport and Ground Transportation in the New York area. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#WeddingWednesday - 5 Things Brides Don’t Need at Their Wedding

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Whether you are looking for an over the top production or a more intimate ceremony, a lot of details (and stress) go into planning the big day - and we’re here to help remind you not to sweat the small stuff!

Take a step back from your overwhelming collection of Pinterest boards and consider cutting out some frills to save yourself money and a headache. See below for some things women say they didn't necessarily need at their wedding:

  1. Wedding Favors - How many candles have you kept with the couples initials engraved on them? While its a nice idea to give your guests something to remember your occasion, more often than not favors get left behind. Should favors be on your to do list, perhaps make it a delicious, edible option.
  2. Expensive shoes that are hidden - If you’ve been waiting for a chance to indulge on some pricey pumps, by all means. But keep in mind these shoes will be tucked away under your dress all night. Should expensive shoes be on your must haves list, consider a pair you can wear for future occasions as well.
  3. Extra paper goods - Elaborate save the dates, paper menus, programs, table numbers, etc., can all leave a costly paper trail. Consider alternatives, setting up a large sign announcing menu options and seating arrangements - or spend some time customizing stationary yourself.
  4. Expensive flowers - Keep in mind that choosing flowers that are in season and grown in the US are less expensive and easier to obtain.
  5. Full priced wedding gown - Trunk shows have their benefits, not only can you score great discounts but also free customization perks. Bridal sample sales also give brides the chance to find designer gowns that can be reduced up to 90%.
One thing not to skip out on, travel arrangements. After all, you, your fiancé, bridal parties, and parents need a way to get to the venue - and that’s where we come in. Truth is, there is no rule on how many limos you choose or who gets to ride in them - that decision falls on you, your fiancé, and your budget.

At Dynasty Limousine, we will help you find the right cars perfect for your wedding AND help keep you within your price range. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  It should be filled with happiness, family, and friends! If you have any questions about renting the right transportation for your wedding party’s needs - give us a call at 631-587-8500

For more tips on wedding limo etiquette, see our earlier blog post here »

Thursday, February 12, 2015

#2015TravelChat Recap

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For those of us who travel, we constantly are on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the travel industry to ensure we can make both our wanderlust hearts and wallets happy. So incase you missed today’s #2015TravelChat Twitter Chat this afternoon - have no fear, we’ve included a summary of the great tips, tricks, and trends that were shared below!

Panel experts included: Brian Kelly, The Points Guy, Johnny Jet, editor-in-chief of travel information site JohnnyJet.com, Jean Newman Glock, travel writer, Paul Brady, deputy consumer news editor at Conde Nast Traveler and Jessica Plautz, Mashable’s travel editor.

Question 1: What are the best destinations to travel to this year? #2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: Russia will be cheap and empty. Myanmar, Hong Kong Hot. But Italy always trumps all--since Caesar.#2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: And there is always Paris, always a top for me..... #2015TravelChats
  • @thepointsguy: Best destinations to travel to this year include Cuba, Philippines and South Africa #2015TravelChat
  • @p_brady: Top of my list for 2015 are Milan (going in April), Cuba, and Mexico City: http://goo.gl/U9x16L… #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet:#2015TravelChat A1 #Cuba and European River Cruises are HOT for 2015!

Question 2: When is the best time to buy tickets/schedule a vacation? #2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: Best time to book? Lots of formulas for flights and hotels, but with dollar strong now-book now. May change
  • @jeannewmanglock: Best time to Schedule? Off Season. You can deal with weather and absence of crowds worth it. #2015TravelChat 
  • @thepointsguy: Anytime! However for mileage awards, last-minute can be the best time to snag the lowest level tickets #2015TravelChat
  • @p_brady: It's always a great time to schedule a vacation, but if you're flying to Europe, book asap: http://goo.gl/i3BXdr #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet: It all depends where you're headed. But I would set fare alerts and sign up to everyone's deals newsletters.

Question 3: What are the best accessories and bags to travel with? #2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: Leather coat w many pockets + soft sided carry on that carries essentials (my tech) and doubles as a foot stool on plane.#2015TravelChat
  • @thepointsguy: My favorite accessory is my iPhone 6 Plus! Also,I love using a backpack, they are becoming pretty trendy now #2015TravelChat
  • @p_brady: I always carry on an extra pair of headphones, a couple pairs of earplugs, an external battery, and something in hard copy. #2015TravelChat
  • @jessicaplautz: @mashlifestyle A3 For clothes, I try to stick with basics that can serve double (or triple) duty. #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet: It's personal but I love @BriggsandRiley & @Roots

Question 4: How can you get the most for your money while traveling this year? #2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: For land lovers, go off the beaten path.Small village in Crete, Pendamodi,best meal ever. http://ow.ly/i/8AObS  #2015TravelChat
  • @thepointsguy: Get the most out of travel by using the right credit cards! Huge bonuses this year http://goo.gl/ro9rS4 #2015TravelChat
  • @p_brady: Feels weird to say: Europe is _the_ value destination this year: http://goo.gl/LPJK5d #2015TravelChat
  • @jessicaplautz: Try Europe: http://goo.gl/ZViBSl #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet: Be flexible & follow these 12 tips http://goo.gl/q5Ek8T

Question 5: What are your tips for leaving work behind while you are on vacation? #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet: #2015TravelChat A5 Get your work done in advance, set out of office replies and go somewhere without cell/WiFi service.
  • @jeannewmanglock: As a travel writer,I am always working-fun work. But set time aside to check phone then forget. #2015TravelChat
  • @thepointsguy: If you want to leave work behind, go to places that have horrible Internet like Cuba! http://goo.gl/ZLsZgL #2015TravelChat
  • @jessicaplautz: Lock yourself out of your work email on your phone. #2015TravelChat
  • @jessicaplautz: And it’s easier to ignore work while you’re gone if you prepare well before the vacuum. #2015TravelChat

Question 6: What is your number one travel tip for people traveling to a new place? #2015TravelChat
  • @jeannewmanglock: Be nimble.Never be a slave to seeing highlights or scheduling too much. Find your pleasures. #2015TravelChat 
  • @thepointsguy: When traveling to new places, don't plan too much! It's fun to explore on a whim and meet locals #2015TravelChat
  • @p_brady: If it's your first time going somewhere, read the guidebook _before_ you arrive. (Got this great tip from @reidontravel.) #2015TravelChat
  • @JohnnyJet: What is your number one travel tip for people traveling to a new place? #2015TravelChat A6 Learn the customs!
  • @jessicaplautz: Be open to trying everything local. #2015TravelChat
No matter where your 2015 travel plans take you, Dynasty Limousine will be there to handle your transportation needs. We offer competitive rates for Airport and Ground Transportation in the New York area. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#WeddingWednesday - Honeymoon Booking Mistakes

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The light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel: the honeymoon. For many couples this is the trip of a lifetime, a relaxing, long, exotic and intimate trip taken together. What could go wrong? 

From procrastination to poorly planned escapes there are some easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to booking a honeymoon. So here’s what NOT to do:

Procrastinate: Remember, premium rooms at resorts tend to book up early. It’s best to book your honeymoon 6-8 months prior, including securing your flight accommodations. Between airline mergers and peak travel periods you could be left with fewer flights, longer layovers, and higher prices.

Leave it to one person: Unless your soon-to-be husband or wife is uncommonly perceptive to your wants and needs - it’s best to make honeymoon planning a joint effort. This way both parties have things on the itinerary they’d like to have included.

Choosing another person's honeymoon: Just because your friends enjoyed their calm, stress free honeymoon at an all inclusive resort doesn’t mean this is the best decision for you and your soon-to-be-spouse’s adventurous spirits. It’s OK to seek advice from like minded friends and family, but ultimately this is your trip. Be sure to tailor it accordingly.

Shortchanging the budget: Weddings add up quickly but avoid dipping your hands in the honeymoon piggy bank. You can’t get your week long luxury stay with a balcony overlooking the ocean, with a 3 night, 2 star hotel budget.

Start the honeymoon off right by choosing Dynasty Limousine: Long Island’s Premiere Limousine Service, as your transportation for your romantic escape. We are available for pickups and drop offs at all of the major New York Airports including, JFK, La Guardia, Mac Arthur Airport and for most private airports including Farmingdale Executive Airport. Dynasty Limousines has competitive rates for Airport and Ground Transportation in the New York area. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine’s Day Restaurants on Long Island

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Still looking to secure your Valentine’s Day dinner reservations? Good news is these below restaurants are still accepting reservations, and are even extending their Valentine’s day celebrations:

The Carltun - Offering an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner Saturday night, enjoy top shelf liquor, aphrodisiac cocktail hour, romantic surf & turf dinner, sensual desserts and the smooth sounds of Johnny Avino & his band. Or consider the sweetheart brunch on February 15th! Call to make your reservations today: 516-542-0700

H2O Seafood & Sushi - Enjoy Valentine’s Day specials all weekend long! H2O is celebrating from Thursday, February 12th until Monday February 16th, so reserve a night that works best for you and your sweetheart. Menu items include a sweet and spicy salmon roll, cornmeal crusted pink snapper, and to finish it off - the red velvet tear drop.

Blackstone Steakhouse: Blackstone is having Valentine’s Day specials all weekend long! In addition to excellent food, this steakhouse has stellar service even on the busiest of nights- so sit back and enjoy the evening with your amour. Have a steak, catch the shellfish cocktails or feast on a sushi platter.

Complete your special evening by having Dynasty Limo cover your transportation needs! Contact us for information or vehicle availability!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love Chocolate? Plan a Sweet Escape to One of These Hotels

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Calling all chocoholics, we have some hotels that are right up your alley - and in perfect time for Valentine’s Day! This year, plan a sweet escape for you and your loved on at one of these chocolate inspired hotels:
The Hotel Hershey -  Hershey, Pennsylvania 
Dedicated to all things chocolate (it is the headquarters of The Hersey Company and Hersheypark after all), plan a sweet February getaway using the Chocolate Cheers Package. Enjoy deluxe, romantic accommodations, breakfast, Hershey's Signature Chocolate Martinis, and more. Plus the on-site Chocolate Spa offers treatments like the Whipped Cocoa Bath, the Chocolate Bean Polish and the Chocolate Fondue Wrap.

The Langham Boston - Boston, Massachusetts
Take your taste buds on a decadent trip across the globe with the The Langham Boston Café Fleuri's famous Chocolate bar! More than 200 pounds of chocolate are consumed at the all you can eat Saturday Chocolate Bar event each week. The hotel has also recently unveiled a special chocolate suite package, where cocoa-dusted items are on a special en-suite menu, candy jars and sculptures are featured in the room, and more! 

Peninsula Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
When staying at the Peninsula Chicago, make sure to leave room after dinner for Chocolate at the Pen, the hotel’s chocolate buffet, available on Friday and Saturday evenings. 'Chocolate at The Pen' includes unlimited selection of petite chocolate delicacies such as Opera Cake, Chocolate Flan, Dark Hot Chocolate Infused with Allspice, Chocolate Cookies and Truffles and choice of a regular coffee, cappuccino or espresso. 

Change this up this year and book your accommodations at one of these chocolate inspired hotels. Start your mini getaway off right, let Dynasty Limousine take care of your transportation needs. At Dynasty Limo, our goal is to provide you with a luxurious experience, no matter where you’re going. We're available for pickups and drop offs at all of the major New York Airports. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Long Island and NYC Bachelor Party Ideas

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Looking for ideas to fill your Bachelor party weekend that aren’t entirely based around booze and debauchery? Get creative and consider mixing things up with the following:
  • Taste cigars. While the smoking ban took effect in 2003, any cigar bars that already existed before the ban have still been allowed to remain open. So splurge on a swanky cigar lounge and smoke quality cigars while sipping on creative cocktails - some even offer live music.   
  • Take in a game. Have the extra money? Opt for box seats. If not, fork over as much money as you can to get some of the best seats in the house, close to the action. This isn’t an everyday situation after all.
  • Have a steak dinner. While you and your crew may be grill masters, it’s next to impossible for you to buy top restaurant quality beef or broil it at temps as high as these places can. From old fashioned meat joints to modern chophouses, NYC has it all. Treat the groom to a dinner that will make him feel like royalty. 
  • Head out of town. With New York’s major airports just minutes away, grab your party and book a weekend getaway. Whether a quick trip to Miami is up your alley or a wild weekend in Vegas is more your style, throw your group into a Dynasty Limo and head off to the airport in style. 
No matter what your plans are for your Bachelor party weekend, give Dynasty Limousine a call to arrange all your transportation. We’ll drive you around the island, city, or simply to and from the airports. Contact us today for availability. 
photo credit: 045 via photopin (license)