Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4 Simple Wedding Day Hacks

Wedding bells may be ringing, but so might your stress levels — the big day can be rather demanding in some aspects. From making sure your guests arrive on time to the DJ playing the playlist you requested, it can be a bit overwhelming. Before you decide to overthink this joyous occasion, here are some helpful wedding day hacks to make it a breeze (and the time of your life):

Hack 1: Get Doggy Bags
Afraid you might not have the chance to eat on your big day, since you’ll be dancing and greeting guests? Before the big reception starts, ask the caterer if they can pack a few spare meals for you and your spouse before the night ends — this way you know you’ll have dinner waiting for you two, and you won’t have to visit your local drive-through window!

Hack 2: Have a Basket of Flip-flops

Know that painful feeling of dancing in uncomfortable shoes all night? Head to your local dollar store and buy some flip-flops and place them in a plastic tub! This will be a great way for guests to take a break from their fancy footwear and be comfortable dancing the night away! Note: it’s best to buy a variety of different sized flip-flops to accommodate all of your guests!

Hack 3: Build an Emergency Wedding Kit

Frightened that you’ll spill something on your gown/tux? Piece together an emergency wedding kit for those unknown moments! Take a pencil case and stock it with travel-sized necessities such as hairspray and a fabric-stain pen. This will make any wedding blunder a distant memory!

Hack 4: Provide Digital Place Cards

Annoyed that you’ll have to handwrite your place cards? Instead of wasting endless amounts of ink and paper (since you’ll be rearranging the seating chart numerous times), give your guests digital place cards instead! Simply obtain your guests email addresses and create an email blast, giving your loved ones a run down of the big day, including place settings. This will get any confusion out of the way, and will give guests prior notice to where they’ll be sitting beforehand!

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