Monday, January 22, 2018

Have the Perfect Date Night Routine With These Tips!

When it comes to planning a date night, the possibilities are truly endless! Most people might agree that first dates can be scary, but they shouldn't have to be! A good first impression is crucial to keep that special someone wanting more, and knowing what it entails is half the battle.

Putting together the perfect night is simpler than you think, and we've collected some tips to help you do it:
  1. Plan: Waiting until the last minute to plan your night could be disastrous and leave you both feeling unsure. Plan your night in advance and make sure your date is well informed. Planning also helps you not to get lost or seem unsure of yourself - look like you know how to make things happen effortlessly. 
  2. Appropriateness: Pick out or suggest something that you know your date will actually enjoy. Doing something you both are interested in is more than helpful in building a relationship.
  3. Sensitivity: If your date happens during the week, be courteous and make sure you're not out too late. The more you've prepared in advance, the less nervous you and your date will be, and keeping their schedule in mind shows your thoughtfulness.
  4. Respect: While your date may look great, don't overdo it. Pushing physical attraction too soon could ruin your chances of getting a second date.
  5. Listen: Listening isn't just important at the beginning of a relationship, it's crucial throughout. Make an attempt to show your date  you know them better at the end of the night than you did at the beginning.
  6. Stay Light: Do something positive that you can both relate to. DON'T sit and talk about your exes or drown each other in your problems; there is plenty of room for this as the relationship progresses.
  7. Connect: Make an effort to find similarities between you and your date. While opposites may attract, having similar values and outlooks on life are important in relationship building.
  8. Anticipate: Even if you're feeling like the date should end passionately, choose a light kiss over an intimate one. Often, less can be more attractive to your date than anything that will take them off guard.
  9. Laugh: Laughter is bonding, infectious, and attractive. If you're going to the movies, try a comedy. If you're going to a comedy club, know the comedians are actually funny! Laughter is also the best way to calm any nerves.
  10. Show Appreciation: Always acknowledge your date's kindness and generosity. Don't assume or come off as spoiled. Let them know all of their hard work and planning paid off.
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