Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Drive Safely Through the Snow With These Helpful Tips

When the National Weather Service issues a Winter Weather Advisory for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, it's not something that many look forward to. Although you're advised to stay home, sometimes you have to leave your couch in the poor conditions. During the next winter storm if you have to trek into the snow, then it's important to keep the below winter driving tips in mind:

  • Be Mindful of Speed - While vehicles with four-wheel drive typically perform better in snowy and icy driving conditions, this doesn’t mean one should race down the road at top speed and come to a quick stop in the wintry mix. 
  • Avoid Following too Closely - Like driving too fast, this hinders your reaction time if there’s a problem ahead. Double or triple your normal distance between cars and look ahead for stoplights, signs, or curves in the road so you can give yourself adequate time to prepare to brake or steer around them.
  • Easy on the Brakes - When handling snow-covered corners, begin a steady braking as you approach your turn. Once in the corner, ease off the brakes and use the car’s remaining traction to continue through the turn. 
  • Use Four-Wheel Drive - If your vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive, then it's essential to use it -- not matter how light, or heavy, the snowfall may be. Believe it or not, having four-wheel drive is quite powerful since it will give your vehicle more traction in slippery conditions. In addition to snow, it's also a great idea to use four-wheel drive in the rain -- since conditions can also be slippery, too.
  • Bring a Window Brush - Have to run to the store in the midst of the snow? It's important to keep a window brush inside your vehicle at all times. Sometimes when you run inside the store for a few minutes, snow and other wintry debris can build up on your windshield -- which will hinder your view. Although you have a defroster in your vehicle, it does take some time to heat up and can't get every square inch of snow off. With a window brush, you'll not only be saving time -- but you'll also create a much safer driving experience for yourself and those around you.
  • Keep the Music Low - Sometimes when you're driving in harsh conditions, loud music can become a distraction -- and you might not even know. When the winter winds pick up speed and it's hard to see around you, keep your music to a lower volume since it will help you concentrate more on the road (and not on the lyrics).
At Dynasty Limousine, the safety of our passengers is of utmost concern. Our goal is to provide you with a luxurious experience, no matter where you’re going - or what Mother Nature is throwing at us. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!