Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter Travel Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner!

As seasons change, so do travel patterns. Whether you're looking to visit the warmest or coldest of climates, there's always an incredible vacation destination to travel to throughout the year. If you’re looking to make your winter travel plans go smoothly, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Use the best apps: Mother Nature has been and will always be unpredictable - especially in the Winter. The weather can really wreak havoc on travel plans so you’ll want to be on your A game. Take advantage of all the apps out there, from weather and flight trackers to on ground transportation when you arrive to your destination, there’s an abundance of travel apps at your disposal.
  • Prepare for crowds: With all the upcoming time off from school and the office, you’ll need to prepare for crowded and busier airports. When possible, opt for carry on vs. checked luggage to skip the hectic baggage claim waits all together. If you haven’t booked your flight yet - try to avoid booking on busy days to lessen the stress of crowds.
  • Pack smart: Warmer jackets are heavier and bulkier, you’ll want to wear this on the flight to save on packing real estate. You may also choose to pack dual purpose items (items that can be worn with more than one outfit) to save space in your luggage as well!
  • Make an itinerary: When going on vacation, it's important to make an itinerary to avoid any mishaps. From the time you board the plane to the time you step foot in your hotel, it's important to have every hour accounted for. This will keep your vacation stress-free, since you won't have to worry about planning out your day on the spot! 
  • Hire a car service: Waiting outside in messy New York weather for a cab or shuttle is not ideal. Ensure you get to and from the airport promptly and stress free by reserving your ride with us. We’re available for pickups and drop offs 24/7!
If you need a ride to or from any of the major New York Airports including, JFK, La Guardia, Mac Arthur Airport or private airports including Farmingdale Executive Airport - give us a call. Dynasty Limousine has competitive rates for Airport and Ground Transportation in the New York area. Call and request a quote today (631) 587-8500!