Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ideas for a Spring Wedding

April showers bring May flowers — but they also bring a variety of beautiful spring weddings, too! If you’re looking to get married in the spring, or are getting married in a few weeks, there are plenty of wedding inspiration ideas to take for the big day. Without further ado, here are a few of our favorites:

Flower Petal Aisle

Looking to change things up a bit? One of the prettiest trends for a spring wedding is to create an aisle out of flower petals. From different blooms of purple and blue, to pink and orange hues, the possibilities are endless. When creating this show-stopping number, it’s much simpler than you think. Simply acquire a variety of faux flower petals from an online retailer in bulk. From there, scatter the petals along the aisle leading to the altar. It will be a memorable look for sure!

Sunflower Photo Booth

What’s the biggest wedding trend of all time? Creating a photo booth, that is! When it comes to a spring wedding, you’ll want to create a photo booth that will not only pop, but also something that will be memorable! To start, visit your local hardware store and pick up some shipment palettes. These will not only be inexpensive (or free, if the store wants to get rid of them), but they will make the perfect backdrop! Next, stack two of them on top of each other and secure them with some screws. After that, start decorating the palettes with some real (or faux) sunflowers and any other spring flower you stumble upon. Finally, after adding any addition embellishments of your choice, you’ll have a gorgeous photo booth backdrop!

Mason Jar Candles

In search of wedding favors and table centerpieces? Look no further than mason jar candles! Relatively inexpensive, you can purchase a set of mason jars (in bulk) from your local craft store, as well as some tea light candles — but if you’re looking to omit real candles, then you can always go for battery powered tea lights! Once that’s complete, fill the jar up with some sand or non-flammable filling. After that’s complete, place the tea light candle within the jar and you’re good to go! Talk about a wonderful, useful centerpiece!

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