Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Mini Wedding Glossary

Hello, newly-engaged couples! We get it: you’re trying to plan your wedding in a few months to a year, and there are lot of things being thrown at you all at once. From the guest list to the main course, it can be quite stressful — especially when new wedding vocabulary is used! Hearing some of that new vocabulary yourself? Let us give you the rundown!


A charger is the largest plate on the table. It usually resides underneath the dinner plate — and will never be on top of any other plate!


The very small bouquet of flowers that are given to the mother of the bride. The Nosegay will never be larger than the bride’s bouquet!

Handle Wrap

This is the small piece of fabric that is wrapped around a bouquet of flowers; typically found on the bride’s bouquet, but can be found among other flowers at the wedding, too.


The person who is in charge to seat all the guests at the ceremony. Although it could be someone that was hired, most of the time the couple lets the groomsmen and bridesmaids do the job.

Stationery Suite

Think of this as all the stationery that’s associated with your wedding. From the invitations to the RSVP cards, it’s every paper good that has your name on it!


Unlike a traditional veil, this is a detailed hair accessory (usually made of flowers or feathers) that will keep an up-do in place.

Any type of intricate ribbon detail used to decorate a variety of wedding essentials, such as a cake.


The range of colors that you choose to be used in the theme of your wedding!

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