Friday, April 20, 2018

Wedding Hacks to Know

Attention: wedding season is on the horizon! In preparation of the biggest event of the year, there are some helpful wedding “hacks” (tips) that will be really helpful to know on the big day. Not sure where to start? Let us do the honor!

Don’t Stay Up Late

One of the biggest tips for anyone preparing for the big day: go to bed early! Sure, this might seem like an impossible task (because you’ll be super excited), but getting a full-night’s rest will really come in handy on the big day. Think about it: you’ll feel refreshed and more alert, than tired and groggy!

Create a Survival Kit

Picture this: you’re only minutes away from walking down the aisle — and suddenly a bobby pin falls out of your hair. Instead of crawling around the floor, looking for the missing pin, it’s best to make a wedding day survival kit. This simple, yet helpful, solution is perfect since it will be a great way to have all of your essentials for those “what if” moments. From extra bobby pins to bandages, there possibilities are endless!

Eat Breakfast

Believe it or not, a lot of couples on their wedding day forget to eat in the morning — and then wait until the reception to eat for the first time that day. Not only will this be a recipe for disaster, but you could become rather nauseous while doing so. Even if it’s a bagel, some yogurt or a little plate of eggs, eating something before your “I Dos” will be the perfect way to start your day; your stomach will thank you later!

Have Fun

Fact: it’s your wedding day, and you should always have fun! Sometimes couples get too caught up in trying to make their big day too ~perfect~. Yes, you’ll have to get somethings perfect (i.e. arriving to the venue on time) — but you should always just let nature do its thing and have fun. If you do this, then your wedding will be memorable for the right reasons!

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