Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Deconstructing a Wine Glass

From dinner to dessert, one of the best drinks (for those 21 and over) is wine. With an extensive list of varietals and tannins, there’s virtually a bottle of wine that will pair perfectly with any meal. Besides the drink itself, one of the most signature features is the glass in which it is sipped out of — but why is it shaped like that? Let us explain!

The Bowl

Starting with the essential feature of the glass, the bowl is the cup-like part where the wine is held. When it comes to proper wine glassware, there are a few different variations that are used for different wines — such as a winder base for red wines, and a slim base for fruit-filled wines and champagne, too.

The reason why the base is broader for all red wines is that it lets the drink aerate and gives the recipient maximum flavor. Now, when the base of the bowl is slimmer, it locks in the details of the flavor — since many fruit-based wines will lose their “punch” if they’re spread out. 

The Stem

Right underneath the bowl of the wine glass rests the stem. Known as the part to place your hand, this feature plays an integral part in preserving the wine that you’re about to drink. Why is that? As it’s known, red and white wine differentiate regarding preparation.

While red wine is to be served at room temperature, white wine should be served at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you hold the wine glass by the bowl and not by the stem, then your body heat (hello, hand) will warm the wine up and will make it taste different than intended.

The Base

Just like finishing off some great wine, we finally reach the bottom of the glass itself: the base. Unlike the bottom of a coffee mug, the base is light and full. This makes it simple for the glass to stand up and not fall over.

This will not only keep your wine sturdy, but it will also make help the wine be balanced. You won’t have to worry about the glass toppling over due to a fast pour. If the base was shaped any other way, then it could lead to a free-falling wine — which wouldn’t be fun in the slightest.

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