Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wedding Centerpieces that can be Repurposed

Believe it or not, a wedding is a perfect time to let your creative juices flow! From the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses to the venue itself, no detail is overlooked -- especially your table centerpieces!

Of course, sometimes these centerpieces will only serve the purpose of being a statement piece -- but what about creating a centerpiece that can be repurposed after your wedding? Here are a few beautiful suggestions to keep in mind:

Mason Jars 

One of the best wedding centerpieces that can be repurposed is a mason jar! Of course, you probably don’t want to display this glass by itself, but it can be reused for a series of things after the big day!

The most common of uses? A mason jar will be the best way to display flowers in your home! Whether you’re placing a couple of hand-picked f from your garden or a bouquet from the store, a mason jar will be the perfect, rustic vase to display them in!

Picture Frames

Another favorite wedding centerpiece that can be repurposed are picture frames. Whether you choose to display photos of you and your spouse or place table number inside, a picture frame will be the perfect parting gift for your guests!

Think about it: of course, your guests would love to have a photo of you from the big day -- but the frame also gives them the option to add their own pictures within it, too. No matter what you decide to place in the picture frame, you can certainly encourage your guests to take the frames home with them on the way out!

Tea Cups

Looking for a simple, yet, elegant way to incorporate a centerpiece? Look no further than a teacup! Known to come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, teacups are relatively inexpensive and can tie any table together!

If you’re not sure what to display in the cups, well, here's the good news: the possibilities are utterly endless. From flowers to faux pearls, anything will look decadent and beautiful in a teacup! Once the reception ends, your guests will be more than thrilled to take home one of these timeless pieces!

Candle Holders

When thinking about your home, what’s a common accent piece that could be found throughout? A candle holder that is! Just like a teacup, a candle holder is quite an ordinary commodity and indeed will be the perfect reusable table centerpiece!

If you’re looking to multipurpose this table centerpiece, then you can certainly place enough candle holders at each table, right in front of each place setting. This will not only be one of the most useful centerpieces, but it will be the most memorable, too! You’ll certainly light up your guests’ lives (pun intended)!

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