Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wedding Plus-One 101

Hooray, you’ve just been invited to your best friend’s wedding! While looking at the glamorous invitation, you notice that your “bestie” allowed you to bring a plus-one (of your choice) to their big day. Although this is a fun way to bring one of your friends or the person you’re dating, there are some plus-one etiquette rules to keep in mind:

Bring Someone You Know

Of course, this is a given fact -- but, you’d be surprised at how many people bring a guest that they don’t know too well. Think about it this way: if it were your wedding day, would you like your guests to bring a plus-one that they don’t know themselves? 

Be courteous of the couple and bring one of your best friends or the person you’re currently dating. Not only will this be the perfect plus-one, but it will also make for a wonderful time, too!

Keep it Consistent

Sometimes when guests are allowed to bring a plus-one, they’ll often change their minds last minute, bringing a completely new plus-one the day before. 

While this could be a for a few reasons, it’s always best to let the hosting couple know, just so that they’ll be aware of the situation. Of course, it wouldn’t be too polite to bring someone you just met the day before to this wedding!

Be Respectful

When choosing your plus-one, make sure that the guest you choose isn’t someone who isn’t in the best interest of couple’s wedding your attending. 

Granted, this is your choice to bring a plus-one, but certainly you don’t want to bring an old friend of anyone getting hitched, because that wouldn’t be the best wedding surprise!

Arrive on Time

Of course, this is a given, but it’s imperative to show up to the wedding on time with your plus-one! If you’re afraid that you and your guest won’t make it at the exact moment, then it’s important to plan ahead to arrive to the big day early. 

This will not only get you to the wedding ontime to see the ceremony, but you’ll have enough time to settle in before the crowds start arriving! 

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