Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wedding Shoe Hacks

Believe it or not, sometimes your wedding shoes might need a little TLC before you walk down the aisle. Whether you have your ceremony indoors or in the great outdoors, there’s a wedding shoe hack made for every big day. If you’re looking to keep your feet on the ground, or jazz up your current wedding shoes, then we have some helpful tips for you!

Opt for Wedges

Looking to walk down an aisle of grass? When it comes to outdoor weddings, heels might be a little intimidating. If you’re looking for the perfect solution to a nature wedding, then it would be best to rock some beautiful wedges!

Unlike heels, wedges will give you a platform to stand on, without the fear of sinking into the grass or picking up some dirt along the way! Additionally, wedges come in all shapes and sizes, pairing beautifully with any gown you choose to wear!

Think about Sneakers

Picture this: you’re halfway through your wedding reception, and your feet are getting sore. Instead of keeping your heels on all night long, think about bringing some fun wedding sneakers along for the ride!

Just like your running sneakers, wedding sneakers will be the perfect solution to keeping comfortable throughout the night! You can entirely opt for any color you’d like, or you can find a beautiful pair of white high tops to go with that gorgeous gown -- it’s entirely up to you!

Get Heel Caps

Thinking about wearing your heels on the lawn? Then it might be best to opt for some heel caps. These clear, rubber stoppers are relatively inexpensive and can be placed on the tip of any heel you choose!

The purpose of these rubber stoppers is that they will keep you afloat and not sunken into the grass. Not only will your guests be in awe over your gown, but they’ll also be in complete awe over how your heels aren’t sinking into the lawn!

Add Heel Embellishments

Just like Christian Louboutin created red bottom heels, you can have fun with the bottom of your heels, too! One of the most popular wedding shoe hacks is to add some embellishments under the heels of your heels!

This can range from your new last name to lyrics from your favorite song. No matter what you choose, this will be a fun, creative and personal way to bring some fun to the most memorable shoes of your life!

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