Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DIY Ideas for Wedding Mason Jars

Since the early days of meal preparation, Mason Jars have come a long way. From preserving canned goods (such as vegetables) to storing odds and ends around your home, they serve multiple purposes and are a perfect way to move towards green practices -- especially at weddings! If you’re looking for some of the best ways to use Mason Jars on the big day, then we have the perfect ideas to share!

Looking to spruce up the drinkware at your wedding? Why not use Mason Jars as drinkware! Durability with some character, Mason Jars will be the perfect statement piece when it comes to entertaining guests  — especially in the warmer months! 

Unlike standard drinkware, Mason Jars are less likely to shatter — unless dropped on the ground, of course. Also, they’re less likely to chip! In addition to withstanding the elements, a Mason Jar will be the perfect glass to serve a fun, festive cocktail in! The possibilities are endless (and fun)!


Another wonderful idea for Mason Jars is to use them as candle holders! Whether you’re planning on using large candles or tealights, a Mason Jar will make the perfect “home” for the candle since it can manage well during temperature change. 

Additionally, you can even fill the base of the Mason Jar up with sand or any other non-flammable accessories; no matter what you choose, you can always make it the prettiest Mason Jar of the season!


When you go to the beach, do you usually collect seashells? If so, what do you typically do with them? Believe it or not, the best way to preserve (and display) them is in a Mason Jar! If you’re looking to show off your “loot” and give your wedding some summer-esc accents, then this will be the perfect solution! 

Merely get a Mason Jar of any size and place it in the center of a table. The next time you travel to the beach and pick up some shells, just drop them in the Mason Jar. You’ll not only have the perfect treasure, but it will be the best home decoration for the years to come!

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